Sunday, March 7, 2010

Freedom in Christ

For a long time I lived my Christian walk bound by rules and regulations that I placed on myself. I thought I had to do many things in order to be a good Christian. church attendance, bible reading, and of course all the "Don'ts." Don't drink, smoke, dance etc. I found myself afraid to enjoy life.

I has been awhile now, but I have finally found freedom in Christ to enjoy the abundant life He offers! I am free to do anything I want! True! I can do anything I want as long as I remain in right relationship to Christ. It is an amazing feeling to enjoy life without restraint, knowing that Jesus is right there with me and certainly enjoying my delight in all the feelings and experiences He has planed for me!

Lord, You are an amazing and wonderful God! You delight me with life abundant! I realize that I often step over the line into sin with my enjoyments, but you are always faithful to bring me back to You! Thank You for making my life full and free! Help me remain close to You so that i never need to be in bondage to sin! You are my delight! In You I trust!
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