Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hours or Minutes

I came across a note I wrote a few years back. I wanted to remember something my granddaughter, Brooke, said to me.

She was waiting for something to happen and asked me how much longer. I must have told her an hour or more because she replied, "I don't like hours. I like minutes."

I am the same most of the time. I like minutes because I don't like to wait for most things. But I must admit there are times when I would like an hour or two just to slow down.

Some of the things I want to come in a minute (or less) are a response to an email, any celebration, seeing someone I have not seen in awhile, good food, getting over a cold, getting to reveal a secret, completion of chores, hugs, and so many other things.

Some things I like to spend hours doing might be, watching beautiful sunsets/sunrises, alone time, visiting with a friend, a nice bath, a good nights sleep.

God of Creation, You set the sun and moon in place to mark out our days. You are all wise and knowing. I may not understand why time seems to speed up and slow down at times but I trust that You do! It is all in Your hands and under Your control. I need the hours right now, Lord. I need to spend them with You! My minutes are going by too quickly and my hours are speeding through the hour glass. Teach me to number not only my days but also my hours and minutes!
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