Friday, March 12, 2010

Along the Journey

Who is coming along with you on your journey of life? Are they coming all the way into eternity with you?

I have people on my journey that walk in step with me. They remain close and we speed up or slow down for one another. Others on the journey wander far ahead or behind and we catch up with one another now and then, enjoying great fellowship until the partners we are committed to need us to speed up or slow down.

I see many on my journey that I don't know well. I know their faces and maybe their names but seldom get to know their struggles or their loved ones. It is nice to know that the race we run is not a competition between us, it is a race to finish doing our best!

It is also nice to know that we are not climbing a ladder where we step over one another or one person is greater than the rest. We are on a road following Jesus, our leader. Yes, some are further down the road than others, but we are all going in the same direction! It is a great reason to celebrate!

Jesus, You are the Leader of all who want to enter heaven and live with You forever! You show us the way. sometimes I slow down and even take a rest by the wayside, but I always want to come back to You! Thank You for being patient, waiting for me to catch up. Thank You for being the light to my path so my feet can step over the things that would trip me or the holes where I might fall. I need You every day! I need You every hour! I need to hear Your voice. I trust You!
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