Thursday, March 11, 2010

Think About It

Have computers taken away our desire to think, ponder or meditate? It is so easy to Ask Jeeves or Google and it goes so much quicker than my brain!

Do we depend too much on our microchips or others words and not enough on the God given ability to think? I see it more and more.

Our schools are not designed for a thinker student. Learners are expected to listen to the answers and then repeat them back on a test. Thinker students that have a different answer are penalized with poor grades. They may be the student who take time to think about the answers and in the event of a timed test they are short on right answers.

Even Christians are afraid to have the wrong answer and so they accept some teachers' explanation for scripture without thinking it through with the author of the book!

I was very excited to read in Margaret Feinberg's book The Organic God about the midrash that Jews practice when studying scripture. It is simple. Take a passage and find a question or problem within the text and then only using scripture, your brain, and your relationship with God try to find an answer or something that sheds light on the text. Once you do that then find someone with which you can explore the thought.

Yes, it takes time. It takes brain power. It can be exhausting. It is very rewarding! God rewards those who DILIGENTLY seek Him! I can't say that using my computer is classified as diligence.

Creator, Lord, You are the source of all knowledge. You created Your people to share in that knowledge and You make life interesting and enjoyable in the process of learning! You are an Amazing God! I do not always use the brain you gave me as you would want. I am sometimes lazy and want others to do the work for me. Thank You for drawing me back into discussions that make me think deeper and grow better. Teach me how to rightfully divide Your word, Teach me to remember and to think on the good things.
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