Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Four Days

It has been four days since my last post. Yes, busier than usual days. house cleaning, concert, family dinner, final Significant Woman study, and every day activities filled my schedule. The blog was not a priority.

We have four days to prepare for Resurrection Sunday! I am preparing my heart to understand the love of God deeper than before. I am preparing my heart to share the love of God , His forgiveness and His soon coming to those who need to know Him.

I want to celebrate the events of the four last days of Jesus' life here on earth with greater understanding and deeper worship. From Celebrating the Passover with His disciples, to His trial, death and glorious resurrection Jesus, poured out His love, His blood, His life for all people!

Four days. What does God want me to do, what will He reveal to me in these next four days?

Father, You are so patient and perfect. You precisely planned every minute of those four last days of Jesus' earthly life so that they would be full of meaning and purpose for all people. I fail to see the importance of those precious minutes most of the time. I allow the world and the cares of my heart to crowd out the most important and most wonderful events that were meant for me. Thank You. Thank You for humbling Yourself in those four days, so that I might be lifted out of my sin and be united with You for eternity. Open my eyes, open my ears, open my heart so that I might see YOU in these next four days before I celebrate Resurrection Sunday! I want a new revelation of You, my Lord!
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