Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Jesus was a prisoner. It is strange to put the name of Jesus with the title of prisoner, but it is true. He was a prisoner wrongfully imprisoned, sentenced and executed.

A prison sentence imposed on criminals has far reaching influence. The criminal has created victims and has victimized his/her loved ones for as long as the memory of his/her actions are remembered. For this reason, a prisoner who repents and turns around to walk in a new direction is not always received with trust and open arms. Unfortunately loved ones who stand by and encourage the new life path are also shunned, at the least ignored. Few really listen and sympathize over the trials of a prisoner turned good. Few want to see the convict succeed. It seems that most would rather hide away from any knowledge of their struggles. They brought it on themselves didn't they?

Jesus was different. Before He became a prisoner, He asked that His followers would treat them with kindness and understanding. (Matthew 25:43) The truth is that if Jesus could become a prisoner without reason, surely each of us could become one with good reason!

Maybe our prejudice for prisoners stems not only from fear of getting too close, but also a false pride believing we are not one of them. Or are we? Am I?

Righteous Judge, You are holy! You are perfect! You are good. I have no place with You except for the place Your Son, Jesus, made for me! I am a sinner. I deserve a death sentence for the sins I have committed against You and against people. Thank You for becoming a prisoner for me, Thank You for dying in my place. Thank You for letting me live free! Lord, help me put aside my fear and pride so that I might follow You in embracing the prisoner and their families. Help me to be humble before You and become a prisoner of Christ!
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