Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning a New Game

My Grandman, Scott, is experimenting with potty training. He sits on his potty and wears pull-ups. He has not yet even begun to really "Play the game" so I am giving him the rules over and over again.

The other day I bought my Grandman a set of plastic golf clubs. He has no idea how to "Play the game," so I just keep repeating the rules and showing him how to hit the ball. He still likes to throw more than putt!

I am preparing to learn a new game as well! I expect that by the end of this year Patrick and I will be empty-nesters. We hope to finally have a place without the kids, grandkids and other relatives sharing our space. Don't get me wrong. It has been difficult, but certainly not all bad. We have had the rich blessing of pouring into our granddaughter's lives on a daily basis. We have been used of God to help my daughter stay focused toward this end. God has taught and prepared all of us to do so much more than we thought we could! We know that others have seen God through our lives! We pray it has changed them and drawn them to Him!

The changes that are soon to come will influence many. I believe God is calling me to prepare myself for this new "game" . He wants me to labor toward the end of this part of the plan and be ready to bring forth a new life! It can be hard to learn a new game. It may take some time to get it down pat. Like my Grandman learning golf or potty training, I need to listen to the new rules, and practice every day what He calls me to do.

Father, You are the one who has set a plan for my life. You are the designer of who I am and You know the best way for me to work through learning this new game. I confess it is a bit scary to change. I get comfortable where I am and who I am with. I don't want to let go of things that are so very close to my heart. I want to hold on. I can only thank You for taking the time to teach me to wait on You, Teach me to wait so that I might run and not be weary, walk and not faint! Teach me to not be weary in well doing. Lift me up on wings of eagles!
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