Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinch My Anger

Last night my granddaughter, Paige was explaining her difficulties with another girl at school. She told us "She pinched my anger!"

I can think of many times when others have pinched my anger. How about you? does your anger sleep quietly until someone comes and pinches it? What about your love? Does it hibernate until your heart is pinched with others needs for affection, hope, or food? Sometimes our love will actually pinch our anger! When we see injustice or abuse shouldn't our anger be pinched?

Today, being St. Patrick's Day, I thought it was appropriate to pinch your thoughts. What do you need to wake up to do? What is pinching you so that you want change? I have some habits I am fighting because they are pinching me! I am taking them one at a time. For me the pinch is waking up my anger toward myself. I have not been loving myself and until I do, how can I love others?

God of St. Patrick, I see that You are wise in all You do. You give us emotions and then prick them or send someone to prick them so that we might change and live our lives with greater significance. I admit that sometimes when I am pinched I fight back and try to hurt someone. I am so sorry for being that way. It does no good for me or for them and it hurts You! Thank You for leading St. Patrick out into the world where He brought Your love. Help me to follow in Your footsteps like he did!
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