Friday, March 19, 2010

How Big a Love

How big is God's heart? I do not think we can limit His big hearted love, do you?

I guess some may question His love because of the things they have seen in the world, but does our sin and its consequences limit His love? The answer is decidedly "No!"

When The Father gave His only Son to die in our place He proved His great love. He proved that his love was bigger than all evil, bigger than the greatest of human loves! God not only gave His son to prove his love, He also gives Himself fully and without reserve to those who seek him. He promises to let us find Him, know him, live with Him. He promises to give us his wisdom, his understanding, his life and his eternal home! He says He withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly!

Big hearted? God is more! He is more than we can ever comprehend! He gives to all, He does not need to limit the number of souls He loves. He loves all because He is love! He can do nothing that is not love. Amazing! Wonderful! Worthy!

Love (Agape), You are my God! You are the only One who deserves my all. I am so small compared to You! I cannot drink in Your love without bursting with joy and the need to express to others the You I know! Thank You for revealing Your love to me through Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for opening Your Big hearted love to the world! Teach me how to share Your love with those You love that are near me! Fill me with boldness to tell of Your great love!
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