Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've Said It Before

I've said it before and will say it again. I would love to see myself from behind the eyes of others.

Though I need affirmation and feedback from people (maybe more than others), I desire most to be able to see myself from behind the eyes of my Heavenly Father.

What does He see from my actions? What do my actions tell Him? My trust in Him? My belief in who He is? Yes, He sees the heart but what do my actions reveal to Him? To others?

I often feel like the pottery piece shown last night at our Significant Woman class. It was a beautiful vase with a heart design. A large gash splits the vase down the center. I feel vulnerable, wounded and incapable of being of use to the one who holds me in His hands.

Father, You can use any willing vessel. I am willing, but flawed! What can I do for You? What do I have to offer Your kingdom? To whom shall I take Your message? How do I go when they don't call? How do I tell when they won't hear? How do I reach when the doors are closed or my resources limited? Teach me,Lord to follow the direction Your finger points! Teach me to do and leave the results up to You! Teach me to trust You in the risk. Teach me the magnitude of small steps. Teach me!
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