Sunday, March 21, 2010

Someone Else's Name

My granddaughter, Paige, looks so much like her Mom that my husband and I often call her by her Mom's name, Erin. It happened again yesterday while driving Paige to a program. We apologized when we realized our mistake. Paige chuckled a little and said, "That's okay, then I don't have to hear Paige, Paige Paige, Paige all the time!"

This little incident made me think about how nice it is for someone else's name to be called after I have been called on to do a long list of helps for others, "Carolynn? Grommers? Mom? Could you?"

There is Someone who never seems to tire of hearing His name called. In fact He has a list of names you can call Him! He is ready to help, ready to listen. His name is bigger than any other name! He is able and faithful! He is good!

O, God, Your name is above all names! You are worthy of every name that exalts and glorifies! I bow to You in humility, knowing I need You every day! Thank You for revealing Your name to us so that we can call on You for help! Teach us to honor Your name in all ways and at all times!
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