Thursday, April 1, 2010


Jesus had more than one trial. He was tried by the Jewish leaders, the Roman government and the common man. All failed to judge Him in truth. All were blinded by sin.

I, too, judge Jesus each day. I judge His, goodness, faithfulness and truth by my obedience to His word, His calling on my life and His guidance in all my ways. I sometimes allow my sinful nature blind me to the truth and my judgement is clouded. I choose within me to turn away from my Lord and join the crowds who would deny His Godhood. My actions reveal the truth of what I believe.

I am a wretched sinner in those times and I need a Savior! I need a Savior that loves without first being loved. I need a Savior who is willing to be mocked by my trial and crucified for my sin. I need Jesus.

Lord Jesus Christ, You alone among men are holy, good, and loving. You alone are worthy of my complete trust. Yet, I do not always give You my trust. I let the crowd persuade me to follow their lead. I let my desires lead my heart away from You. I am weak. Thank You for coming to my rescue! Thank You for calling me back to Your side, Your pierced side where I can be washed clean of my sin. hold me close, Lord. Teach me to renew my mind so that i will believe and not doubt, so I will know the truth and live always in Your presence!
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