Saturday, April 17, 2010

His Birthday

Remembering the day my husband was born is a fun imagination exercise for me. I was in my Mother's womb. Only 3 months there. Patrick was being pushed out into the world! I was in Pueblo, Colorado. He was on a military base in Shreveport, Louisiana. Somehow we were destined to meet in collage, fall in love, and so far, live 36.5 years together.

Today, Patrick doesn't look old, but we laughed this morning about how we thought 59 was VERY old when we were children. We have alot of life left in us! He says he has alot he still wants to experience. I do too. We want to do it together.

Patrick has grown into a man who loves God and family more than he ever thought he could. He has found a passion in teaching. He can be stubborn and selfish like the best of us, but he owns a soft and generous heart. I hold him closer each day because as time goes on I know that tomorrow is not promised to us.

Fifty nine years is a long time when we break it down into days. So many days to choose to love. Today is just another day to celebrate the person God made him to be. Today is just another day to enjoy Patrick with all his faults and treasures. I couldn't love him without the whole package!

I am posting one of the poems I wrote for Patrick on my poetry blog Please visit it and enjoy

Father, you are Good! You have given me a fine man to share life with. Bless Patrick today with more of You! You are the best gift I can ever hope for him!
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