Monday, April 19, 2010

God Sighting 1 and 2

Journey Christian Church is going on a God Hunt. (Thanks to David Mains for the idea!) We are to be aware of God's presence in our lives and give Him thanks when we recognize it. I have been on God Hunts in the past that have become a habit for me and, so this assignment is easy. I see God moving in and around me all of the time.

Before the service was over yesterday, I had a prompting to go down for prayer. I saw that there were about four women ready to pray for people but all had someone to pray with. I asked God to show me to whom I should go for prayer and i had the thought that I should go to my husband Patrick. We were to pray for each other at the cross. After service I told Patrick and we went. Actually I never told him we should go to the cross but he led me there and that was God too as I did not expect that. God was present and powerful in the promptings and in the prayers we offered.

The second God Sighting occurred before we left the church building. I sought out a friend who is heading up the Summer Ladies Bible Studies to let her know what I'd been doing to help her. I had received an email that could have lead to a potential conflict and I needed to tell her about it. After I explained the email, she told me God had already worked it out! It was an unexpected outcome and I was assured that this was a concrete answer to my prayer!

God is near and wants us to enjoy His presence. I look forward to what He has planned for me today!

Father, You are GOOD all the time! Though I do see You working in my life most of the time, I know that I overlook Your wonderful presence at times. Forgive me for taking You for granted. Thank You for being The all present God. Thank You for coming near and never walking away. Open my eyes to see You today in the little things! Open my ears to hear the small promptings and help me to obey. I love You, Lord!
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