Sunday, April 18, 2010


There are times when people hug me, and I come away with their fragrance mixed with mine. Not a good thing.

When I wear a fragrance, I put it on before I put on my clothing. It is on my skin and hopefully it does not get passed on to unsuspecting huggers! But there is a fragrance that I do want to pass along to others.

I want to be the fragrance spoken of in II Corinthians 2:16, the sweet savor of Christ. Of course, like the perfumes of those who have different likes than mine, our fragrance can be unwanted by those who want nothing to do with my Savior, Jesus Christ. to my brothers and sisters in Christ i bring the sweet offering of Jesus to them.

Lord Jesus, You are a sweet perfume, a delightful experience of our senses. I want to bring that delight to the world, but so often my sin stinks up the room for others. Forgive me Lord! Thank You for making a simple way for me to share with others. Help me to choose the right way so that my fragrance can be sweet and pleasant to those I encounter!
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