Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you like poetry? I am always amazed at the people who tell me they love poetry or even those who say they hate it! I've heard both statements in the last few weeks.

One hates poetry because she doesn't understand it, so she says. She is a creative writer who uses metaphor and yet she does not understand poetry? I wonder what poetry she has read. There are so many beautiful, simple poems that are easy to understand. If she has been under a teacher who took the beauty from poetry by the teaching a strict form and not allowing the thought, flow and rhythm of the words to delight the senses, I can understand. I've been there. But I cannot stay there.

The other person I discovered loved poetry, was my father-in-law. It was a wonderful surprise and I am sorry I did not know our love of poetry while he lived. He seemed to be an unlikely lover of poetry. But then, he had a tender heart and a wonderful intellect that saw beneath the surface. I'm so glad I found out. It brings me joy to know this about him.

When I read the Psalms I am assured that God loves poetry too! I see poetic influences in most of scripture. God delights to be The Word. He places within it a heartbeat, and a melody that we can feel and move within! He is a poet. He is the Poem.

O Lord the great Poet of all time, You are the Word, You are Delightful and You reach my heart with Your Thoughts through Your life filled words. I can only follow You when writing. I can never write without Your guiding hand. Thank You for giving us poetry. Thank You for Your beautiful life giving poetical words. Teach me to hear Your words with an open heart and open life to live them every day!

*Did you understand my "Writer's Block?" The WALL (The block) with WRITER written over a person was my picture of a writer's block. I thought it was funny! *
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