Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrating Poetry

April is National Poetry Month! I am excited and challenged to put a new poem on my poetry blog ( every day throughout April.

I am sharing my own poetry as well as some of my favorites from other poets, well-known and not so well-known. I hope you will visit and enjoy the beauty of words woven together into a mind picture just for you!

I began writing poetry in high school, but did not share it with others for many many years. My love for words that flow and rhyme and are spoken in melody most likely began in Kindergarten. My Mom has told me the story over and over that I had memorized every poem and verse that was recited for our Kindergarten play. I sometimes wonder what those poems were so I could see how much I remember of them.

Words are a delight to me. They express the heart and soul of the person and I have never been one to stay in the shallows except when swimming. My favorite words are from our Poet God who weaves His life into His Scriptures and makes them live in me!

O Poet God,
I rejoice in Your voice! It is sweet in my ear and awakens my spirit! You are The Word of Life! You are Truth revealed. I bow in humility to Your perfection of all things. Thank You for filling me with delight in Your word and the words that You create in me to share with the world! Thank You for the pleasure of hearing, seeing, reading and speaking! Reign over my words and my thoughts. Rein in my wayward tongue and untamed thoughts. Keep me close to You so I may hear Your whispers clearly!
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