Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tears Heal

When was the last time you cried? I just wiped away my tears for the day. Healing tears that are precious to my Father in heaven.

My tears washed away tensions and through them I saw forgiveness and found strength. Strength, you say? Yes, strength. My tears are an open expression of my weakness and scripture tells me that when I am weak He is strong. He lives within me and He is my strength at all times but so much more so when I cry.

Father, You are my comfort and my peace. You are the strength I need today and every day! I have fallen into a pot hole today, Father and I thank You that You picked me up when You heard me cry. You wiped away my tears and bandaged my hurts. You kissed away the pain and lifted me up close to You! You have sent the Bully away and reprimanded him. You have protected me from his taunts and fiery darts. You are a good Daddy! I love You! I want to know how to be Your delight. Teach me the right way and help me to obey without question.
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