Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gifting, Regifting

Do you regift? Okay, so maybe you don't want to admit it, but even if we don't regift, we all think about it from time to time. I love to give books as gifts. I wonder how many have gone unread by my intended giftee before they passed it on to someone who may or may not read it. Maybe my choice of gifts is just not a wise choice.

In fact, as I ponder this I am convicted that giving the kind of book I want the person to have, is possibly judgemental on my part. I am judging that they "Need" what the book says, or they are interested in the same material in which I am interested.

Okay back to my original thought....

God is in the gifting, regifting business. He has given the world His son. His Son, Jesus has given those who believe His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives wisdom to those who ask. God has given His word and His love. With all He has given us, He actually tells us not to keep it all for ourselves! (God is worthy to make a judgement on what we need. He is our Creator and Father!)

God wants us to make His gifts our own and then regift them to others. The more receive the more we are to give! This blog is a regifting of all that God has given me! I want the receiver to be aware of the original giver: God.

Father God, You are a wise Giver of good and generous gifts! You are wise in asking us to regift what You have given to us, because You alone give the best! Thank You for teaching me to give without judgement. Thank You for giving me good gifts to regive! Teach me more about giving the precious gifts You have given me!
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