Tuesday, April 6, 2010


If the love of money is the root of all evil, I wonder what it is to hate money? I sometimes hate money. Sometimes I hate it out of fear that I am not handling it right. Sometimes it is just plain hating the idea that it controls so much of our lives!

Today Patrick and I sat down to do our taxes. It took a large part of our afternoon. I am so happy to know and trust my husband to understand the language and the reasoning behind the forms needed to comply with the law. I was the computer wizard for our excursion into the tax nightmare! We both put our knowledge to work in order to get this done. I also received a couple of bills today, that won't be easy to pay. Ugh! Stress.

Back to the love/hate relationship with money. The idea of trading our lives for a few dollars is hateful to me. I much prefer to give my life away out of love. I guess that it really is best to love what you do, to get the money you can use, to do more that you love to do!

I think I don't hate money as much as I hate that the love of money has taken a strong hold in our culture and the world. I love to give money when I have it to give. I love to use money to make the world smile just a little bit. I love to share my money with ministries that offer Good News to the needy. I don't love money...I love to use it for good!

I was so happy to give a little extra to church last Sunday! It is a good feeling to do something difficult for a good cause. My joy is not about the money, but about the reason for giving! Jesus is my reason to give.

Lord Jesus, You have given so much! You are the perfect giver! I can never out give You. I often hold back my giving and sometimes I fail to give with a cheerful heart. Thank You, anyway, for giving me opportunities to give. Thank You for providing me with so much which I can give! Teach me to balance the money offering plate with love for You.
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