Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost and Found

Lost coin. Lost Sheep. Lost little girl. Now found.

There is great rejoicing here in Central Florida over the little girl found after four days lost in the woods. Nadia has come home!

There is great rejoicing in heaven when one of Gods' little children find their way back home!

Nadia's return has given us all a picture of the joy that erupts when we turn and look to His face and ask if we can come home. He always waits with open arms!

Father, I know of so many that You love and You sent Your Son to die for that keep running away from You. You await with open arms and a longing heart. You never give up on them and never turn Your back to them. Sometimes I tire of waiting for them to change. I want to forget I know them. Thank You for staying there with eyes seeking for each one. Thank You for seeking for me! Thank You for never giving up. change my heart, Lord, to be like Yours!
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