Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am blessed! I am surrounded by blessing! Blessings flow with my every breath! Yesterday I cried and today I cherish my blessings.

Simple things are the greatest of blessings. Breath, color, smiles, feelings, life. Within these simple pleasures God dwells and thus I am blessed. When I look upon the unlimited blue sky, and drink in the light of the sun shining upon the waters, or follow the winds moving effortlessly through the variegated green of the trees, I am awed by the bigness of God! But then, He draws my thoughts to His presence within me! He dwells within me, and I am blessed!

His presence within the beating of my heart, the breath that passes through my lungs, the workings of every cell amazes me, and I am blessed! Why would THE big, powerful all-knowing God give me life?

I only see it and feel it as love. Love so huge that it cannot be contained ! I am certain God is much deeper than that, but for me, It is all I need for today.

Great and Mighty God of the Universe! Holy God! Creator of endless life and love for us, Your servants, You are amazing! I am lowly and totally dependant on You. Thank You for creating our world. Thank You for entering our world so personally! Thank You for loving our world enough to give Your only Son! I want to spread Your blessing as You have given to me!
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