Monday, April 5, 2010


Silence awakens my ears. I hear the whisperings of the breeze in the trees or the twittering of tiny baby birds waiting for their next meal. I hear the soft and gentle voice of my Savior speaking to my soul.

Early Resurrection Sunday morning, Patrick and I went out to watch the sun rise. Fog greeted us with a dim cool blue haze that blocked out the bright orange of the sun. It was not a breathtaking AHA moment when the sun rose, but there was a breathtaking silence followed by the praise of bird song!

I sat wrapped in my white blanket and thought of the first Resurrection morn. Movies often depict a misty morning walk for the women who went to the empty tomb. We don't know for sure what the weather conditions were, but we know the women were discussing their plans, the earth rumbled with an earthquake that came with the Angel who rolled away the stone, and Angles told the Good News for the first time.

"He is not here. He is alive!"

The first Resurrection morning my not have been silent, but it certainly leaves many speechless.

Everyday I am reminded that He is not in the tomb, He is alive in me! It is His life that speaks to me in the silence. When I look around at creation and ponder the changes within my heart, I am speechless. I must listen to His words before I can shout His praise! It all begins and ends with Him!

Wonderful Savior and Lord of Life, I silence my soul to hear Your voice, Your message, Your Good News! I cannot speak without experiencing You. Thank You for rising up to meet me each day! Thank You for the good news You place in my heart. Thank You for silence in which You speak loud and clear to me! Awaken my ears to Your voice, and let me not be silenced when your words need to be spoken!
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