Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Answered Prayers

He is near. He hears my prayers and answers me!

I have had a couple of God sightings yesterday and today. He has answered my prayers in specific ways and I am blessed! He always answers prayer with His wisdom and pure love, giving me what I need not always what I want.

Yesterday, for example, I noticed that my flowers needed some water, but I was running in and out of the house on various errands all day. since the sky was overcast I muttered a prayer asking God to water my flowers for me. He did and I am blessed.

Again today, He answered a prayer very soon after I prayed. I was waiting for a response to an email I sent and prayed that I would get it very soon. I only waited about 5 minutes before the friend had called to respond to the email. God is to be praised! My friend may not have seen the email but it was important. I was getting ready to call when he called me!

The last few days I am sensing God's hand on me throughout my days. He is walking with me to help me overcome in a spiritual battle in which I have been weak. I am far from victorious, but i know He is working in and through me to conquer the enemy!

Answered prayers are such a sweet reminder that God is near, He cares and I can trust Him. Whatever the answer I know it is right and good because He is God.

All-Present God, You hear my prayers and answer me when I call! You are all I need! I don't always call on You as I should, I don't always turn to You in my need. Thank You for staying near anyway! Thank You for keeping an open ear to my cry for help! Teach me how to pray at all times!
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