Friday, April 2, 2010

Death Sentence

Jesus died. The eternal living God took on human form and lived among us. He voluntarily suffered and died for us! The death sentence pronounced over Him was ours, yours and mine.

Jesus is love. He could do no less than give His life in place of ours. His love demands that He give. His love chooses to experience our pain, our suffering, our sin. His love separated Himself from equality with God and the life He lived with us.

Jesus' death sentence was delivered by all of us, but He wrote it for Himself. His choice is beyond our understanding, but His love is not beyond any barriers we might build. Jesus is God eternal, love eternal.

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Jesus, Your love humbles me. I cannot stand in Your presence! Thank You for saving me and pouring Your love into my heart. Let my life be a beacon of hope for others!
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