Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fast Words

I belong to various social networks. Because I have a passion for communication God's truth, I believe that blogging, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter help me to get the word out. Unfortunately sometimes I become painfully aware that too many words, coming in or going out, can cause stress. I then demand a word fast of myself.

A word fast can limit my words, but it cannot take them away completely. I can limit the words going out, but often times my thoughts become an explosion of words waiting to find a release. A word fast can also limit the noise of others' words coming into my mind. T.V. Radio, internet and phone calls can tease and tempt me to allow and abundance of voices into my thoughts. A word fast may not stop the word rush through my brain, but it can hush them into a whisper that allows God's voice to be heard more clearly. It also allows my own thoughts to join with The Word of God.

I need to unite my thoughts with my Lord constantly. His word is truth, light and hope for me. And so, I will speak when it is time to speak, but I will fast words when it is time to listen to His still small voice.

Word of God, You are my truth, light and hope! You are always available but with so many voices, I sometimes do not hear You clearly. Forgive me for the times I allow the world to be louder than You! Thank You for placing within me a deep need to hear Your voice. I know your voice and long to hear it continually. Teach me how to turn down the volume of the world and turn up the volume of You!
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