Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Metamorphosis is a process of change. I am not a scientist, but I do know that butterflies undergo an amazing metamorphosis. A furry and plain caterpillar will cocoon himself and emerge as a colorful reshaped creature that is free to fly. I think God delights in this change and uses similar processes for us.

Sometimes the process is a short one, other times, in us humans, it can take decades. How do humans metamorphose? I watched one yesterday.

I had the privilege of accompanying my sister and niece as they looked for a Mother-of-the-Bride dress. The wedding is only about 8 weeks away. My sister was putting off the shopping trip so she could lose weight. She began the trip apprehensive and uncertain as to what was appropriate, or if she could find what she really wanted. She was going shopping knowing it had to be done but dreading the trying on and the choices to be made.

My part in the process was to wrap her in a cocoon of prayer. I was asking God to do a transformation from the fuzzy thinking into clear thoughts and a beautiful feeling of freedom to be herself. God answered my prayers! I watched her search racks and reluctantly try on outfits, 'til one stood out as the perfect shape. Next it was time to decide on color. She had in mind what she wanted but hesitated because of what others were planning to wear. I encouraged her to let God and her desires be the priority instead of what others might think. God worked on her too, I finally saw the sparkle in her eyes and the beauty within unveiled! She will be a beautiful hostess for this wedding of her daughter!

In some ways, I am struggling to get out of my cocoon too. Are you in a phase of metamorphosis as well? It may be a huge change or it may be a simple change of thought or the making of a decision that sets you free. The God who made butterflies has sent us His Holy Spirit to lead us through the process! Little by little He will change us into the likeness of Christ and bring us to everlasting life free and beautiful!

God and Creator of butterflies, You are amazing in Your works! You are the author of change that lasts within us! You understand the process of dying to self in order to live again. Thank You for making that metamorphosis happen in me! Forgive me when I fight the change you want in my life. I surrender to Your change today.
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