Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoy God

Over the last few months I have heard the phrase, "Enjoy God" many times. It makes me wonder what it really means, and do I enjoy God?

When I enjoy my Grandchildren I take pleasure in their voices, touch and all they do. My two youngest grands are with me all day and lately they have been putting smiles on my face and a sweet delight in my soul. They are blossoming in personality, curiosity,and exploration. It makes me wonder if I enjoy God that way too.

I enjoy God's word and His voice that speaks ever so gently but with authority to me. I delight in His creation. It is filled with beauty and wonder. He gives me pleasure as I learn about Him, but do I really enjoy Him? Just Him? Could I spend my days watching creation unfold, or look for Him in each person I meet? Am I entranced by His personality, the way He laughs or His tender heart for the hurting? There is so much to enjoy about God. He will never be dull and boring.

I could go through my day walking beside God and never really look over at Him and smile just because He is near. I could, and often do, but that is not enjoying Him. It is not what He wants for me. You see, I believe He enjoys me. Yes, simple and sinful me. He delights in my accomplishments and the way I try to please Him. He is my Father, friend, and King. I can live my life without loving my time with Him, but that is not His desire, nor mine! I want to enjoy God! Do you?

Awesome and delightful God of all creation and glory, You are amazing! There will never be a time when the newness of You will get old. I want to smile every day because of You being by my side. I want to dance, and sing, and play, and rest in You! Forgive me for the days when You become hidden and I enjoy those things You give more than who You are. Thank You for all of You and all You do! Come into my private world so that I can enjoy You and You alone!
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