Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The War Between Pride & Humility

I am not looking for fame or riches. I am not seeking a spotlight for myself, or am I?

There is a part of me that wants very much to impact the world for God. I want to speak the right words and do the right things that will glorify Him and help people who are lost or wandering in circles to find their way to Him. But there is another place in my heart where I want people to notice me, know me, recognize MY worth.
Pride and Humility war within me!

Yesterday, I shared with the Bible Study ladies how awed I am that our God exhibits the character quality of humility. Because of His humble nature He resists the proud. God has every right and is the only one worthy to hold Himself high, but He does not. What an amazing God! He loves first, before He is loved. He lifts me up, before I lift Him. He forgives me, before I am able to forgive others.

God of wonder and Glory, You are humble in heart. You carry me through all my trials and triumphs. You do not grasp for attention or the glory You deserve. Forgive me when I do. Let Your humble Spirit grow in me. Teach me to depend on others and You more than on my own understanding and ability. Thank You for speaking into my heart first. Thank You for loving and forgiving me first. Thank You for giving grace to the humble. I need You, because I need grace.
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