Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Childhood Memories

Do I remember truth about my childhood? I find it interesting to ask my six (yes, 6) siblings what they remember about certain events in our childhood. There is a mystery in every remembrance that I share with family. We can laugh or cry in empathy with parts of a story, but often there are parts I do not recognize. Each story is personalized for the individual.

Where can I go to find out the truth? Maybe it takes all of us telling our stories to see the bigger picture. Listening to my sisters and brothers tell about their relationships with our parents allows me to see a fuller picture of Dad and Mom.

One of my sisters shared Dad's love of aviation. She delights in telling stories about the things they shared. I love learning about all those wonderful treasures she found hidden in my Dad. But He was more than that! I enjoyed sharing with him some very special moments uniquely mine. Many of them were priceless images of his love of beauty and his art and creative talents. Each of us has something to share about Dad that the others need to know.

Mom shared her love of the church and her faith more deeply with my older sister. Though we may all have shared Mom's love of music and her cultural food dishes, we all seem to have found little unique treasures that we tucked away into our memories. Again, mom gave each of us unique experiences that need to be shared with the rest.

Our personal and unmatched memories are intertwined with each other. Our individual remembrances need not be a cause for argument or misunderstanding. They should be used as opportunities to fit the puzzle pieces together to see the big picture. We are a family! Family memories are a portrait of us!

Father God, Creator of the family and head of our forever family, You are wise and good. I thank You for giving me family. Thank You for the earthly family I was born into and for the eternal family into which I was born again. I forget sometimes to treasure those moments with family. Forgive my ungrateful, and selfish heart. I, too often, want my way and my memories to be right. Teach me to let the whole truth make my remembrances a clearer picture so that I might learn the lessons my family was meant to teach. Thank You!
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