Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten Magical Gifts

I like to make lists of things I would like to have someday. Most of these things are listed on my computer in a file called "Gifts." I have books and music mostly. They are not expensive, but I consider them a luxury I would like to indulge in for myself someday.

Recently, however, a friend gave me a list of things to write about. Number three on the list is "Ten gifts I'd give myself with magic." To be honest I closed my eyes and went through a mental list pretty quickly. It surprised me because there were no riches, cars or houses on my list. Now don't get me wrong, after my first list, I did think it would be nice to magically give myself the house I've been dreaming about for a year now. And I also thought of a lump sum of cash that would help me finish up some special projects I've had on the back burner because of lack of funds. But looking at my first wish list made me realize what I really want.

Here is my list:
1.Wisdom: I don't need to wish for wisdom because God promises to give it to me just for the asking.
2.Liberty: God gives me freedom from all bondage's when I walk in unity with His Spirit.
3. Love: I am filled with Christ's love.
4. Relationships: He has also given me the gift of loving relationships in abundance both with family and friends.
5. Purpose: The talents and gifts God has placed in me have eternal purpose. As I use them and grow in them, I live with purpose.
6. Trust and Faith: These go so closely together that I couldn't pull them apart. In the past I thought I had to work at having faith and trust in God. I am beginning to see them as treasures that God gives in small ways like a seed, and then He waters and feeds them with His word and presence in my life.
7. Hope: Because I know Jesus as my Savior and Lord I have hope for my future. I have only eternal hope and no doubt that my faith will bring rewards.
8. Intellect: Yes, God has given me a curious and thinking brain. I am blessed to be able to choose for myself and yet able to think through all my options, of which God's way has always been found to be the best.
9. Joy: Even in the midst of trials I can always find joy in knowing that He is present in my life. Yes, God again is the source of this gift.
10: Peace: Finally, God gives me a peace that passes understanding. I cannot always understand why I am able to get through the tough times, but God's peace resides in me to help me through.

Okay, so these are not "Magical" and they are not given to myself by me. They are gifts from God. I don't need to wish for them or create a magic spell. I receive them as an inheritance for being a child of the Most High God!

I don't think I'll make another list. I like this one!

Most High God and Father, You are a generous giver of the best gifts! Thank You for letting me be Your child and for being my Father who knows exactly what I want. There are moments, Lord, when I want the other gifts more than Your precious gifts. I am sorry for being so earthly minded. Please forgive me! Continue to pour Your wonderful gifts on me every day. I will treasure all of Your presents in my life even those that are only for this earthly life. Thank You for them too!
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