Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Justice cannot be served unless the WHOLE truth is known. I thank God that He knows all truth, even mine, and yet has mercy for HIS children.

The above statement was my response after much heart searching and seeking God about the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. My heart was in conflict from the beginning. I never want to think that a Mom could take the life of their children, unborn or otherwise. I was, however convinced of Casey's guilt and more so after seeing what evidence the prosecution had. Yes, I understand that they had nothing to link her directly, but the circumstances do point to her.

I struggled over the verdict because I wanted justice to be done. I want the who, what, where, why, and how questions to be fully answered, but this is one of those circumstances where I must put my trust in a just and holy God who will bring us all to accountability for our deeds.

And, so, I have come to realize that in EVERY case, in every life, there is NO justice without the entire truth being known. In that truth, I must accept that the only true justice will happen in front of the judgement seat of God. Here on this earth we can only judge rightly by studying the KNOWN facts and handing down judgement accordingly.

The jurors in the Casey Anthony case did their best. The prosecutors did their best, and even though I do no agree with his methods, Mr. Baez also did his best and with passion. The case is closed. Casey will face a just God someday. If He finds her innocent then He will also know the truth of who is guilty and will judge him or her.

Holy and Just God of all, You are the only righteous judge. I thank You for seeing the truth that lies within me and judging me fairly and yet with an amazing mercy that I can never fully comprehend. Thank You for Your Son Jesus who took the punishment for my sin. May it be that the Anthony family will find Your mercy as well. Help me to be a voice of truth in this matter. I trust You!
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