Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Kingdom

The building of our little kingdoms starts early in life. How do I know? Well I have had the privilege of watching the construction of little governments with at least a dozen babies and young children.

Our experience in the world even as newborns gives us pleasure or pain. We swiftly set up rules that will increase our pleasure and limit our pain, but often we have no control over what happens. It is then we make it known to those whom we believe are our subjects, that we are not pleased and things had better change.

Today, I watched my Grandman, Jacob, try to exert his authority over me in his mini kingdom. He points his finger regally, and I am expected to give him whatever he wants. He is sweet as pie if I do, but the contorted faces and wails come swiftly if I fail to do his bidding. He has not yet realized that my kingdom is bigger, and I have conquered many little kingdoms in my time.

The idea of each of us having our own kingdoms is not my inspiration. I've been a part of a marriage class at our church with Paul Tripp's videos. He has made the point very clear that our kingdoms war against one another. I have put his teaching to the test, and I have learned that it is true. We all have our own governments with rules that we expect others to follow. I have seen kingdoms grow over the years, but it is funny that I never realized I had my own.

In my kingdom my rules must be obeyed, or I get testy and sullen. I can even get angry and mean. If you are in some relationship with me, I will expect you to follow my rules because I am the queen! I seldom recognize your kingdom unless we have a clash of rules. It is then we begin the battle for supremacy. It is only after I have wounded someone or demolished their territory that I begin to realize that there is another kingdom.

God has a kingdom. His kingdom was brought to earth by Jesus and He invited me to be a part of it years ago. There are many days when I have surrendered my rights to His government and things go well with me and those around me. But, then there are other days when My kingdom raises its selfish banner and storms out to conquer my world regardless of God's rules or royal will.

I have felt the sting of warring kingdoms. Battles between me and God, others and the world leave me sometimes prideful and often wounded and sad. It is hard to surrender to God's government when I still struggle with a sinful nature. It is a challenge to stand firm in a world that rejects God's kingdom. Most of all it is a trial to join a family of mini kingdoms under God's governing rule. Thy kingdom come, Lord Jesus!

Lord Jesus, King of the Universe and Lord and Master over my kingdom, You are the one and only worthy King! Your Government will rule and reign. Your kingdom does not always bring peace between others and myself. Your government wages war on my sin! Forgive me Lord when I do not surrender willingly to You. Forgive me for rising up in pride and the boasting of my greatness, that is not really great. Let Your kingdom come and rule in my heart daily. I surrender again to Your will. You are my King, my Sovereign Lord!
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