Monday, July 18, 2011

Judgement Seat

I had a day dream the other day. I guess I should tell you that my day dreams resemble night time dreams in that I imagine a story more than just letting my mind wander from this to that, like a butterfly flying from flower to flower.

This dream occurred after church last Sunday. I attended the marriage class and one of the points made was that our spouses are a gift from God to us. It made me think about my own receiving and enjoying the gift of Patrick in my life. That is where my dream took flight.

In my dream I stood before the Judgement Seat in heaven. God the Father sat on His throne, and I stood opposite Jesus facing the Father. Though it was a judicial setting, it also had the feel of a very intimate conversation. The Father and Jesus looked at me, smiled, and asked if I got the gifts they had sent me. I told them that I had received their gifts of Salvation and the Holy Spirit. They looked at one another and smiled knowingly and with a pure and holy joy. It made me happy knowing I had pleased them.

They then asked me about the other gifts they had chosen specifically for me. I was confused. They, looked again at one another with quizzical looks as if they wondered why I hadn't recognized their personal love gifts for me. It was Jesus who spoke directly to me saying, "Did you enjoy your husband, children, family and friends fully as gifts from Me?" I stood silent knowing that I often enjoyed my family and my friends, but never saw them as gifts from My Father and My Savior. I hung my head.

My dream ended there but the lesson, I hope, will remain with me. God has chosen specific people to be in my life. From the day I was conceived to my dying day, I am presented with gifts of people to share my life. These every day gifts can become ordinary if I forget that they are from God's hand.

Father and Dear Jesus, You are the most generous of givers! You bless me when I do not deserve Your blessings. Thank You for the gift of my husband, children , grandchildren, children through love, sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors. The list goes on and on. I feel as if I am a Christmas tree piled high with gifts, and it is all because of You! I am sorry that I sometimes don't recognize the gifts You give. I even wish You had given me gifts that were different sometimes. But, I remember Your smiles when I told You how much I loved Your gifts of Salvation and the Holy Spirit. I want to make You smile more! Remind me every day to see Your presence in the presents You give! Thank You!
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