Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doing What I Do Best

A square peg in a round hole just doesn't fit. Forcing the square into the hole will only cause frustration and exhaustion. The same is true for us who try to be something we are not to be.

When I try to be another Maya Angelou or Elizabeth Barrett Browning I lose a part of who I am. I become a crippled producer of the talents and gifts given to me by my Creator. I am made to be me! I am called for a purpose that can only be accomplished by being the complete person I am.

When you see my work, I want you to see the whispers of God flowing through me. I need to be the unique vessel that carries a unique message to the world. I am meant to be the square peg that cannot fit into another mold. I am also to be the incomparable talent that fits only in the place designed for me. I think you are meant for that too!

Creator God, You are unique and amaze me over and over again! Thank You for giving me a purpose and a one-of-a-kind way to fulfill it. Without You I could never make it work. I trust myself to You and Your plan. Lead me. Teach me. Fill me and finish me. I do what I do, the best I can for You!
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