Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scotsman's Whistle

When I was a little girl, I learned about many sayings and traditions of my heritage. My Dad was proud of his Scottish heritage and would playfully share little things he enjoyed about our bloodline. One of these was about the Scotsman's whistle.

It is well known that the Scottish are known as being frugal and sometimes even being tight with their money and possessions. It brings a smile to my face to remember the many times my sisters, brothers and I would suck on a straw to the bottom of our drink till it made a loud slurp. Though it may not have been a melodious tune, Daddy would give a little laugh and ask who was making the Scotsman's whistle. You see, a Scot will get every drop and the whistle comes from that effort to get that very last sip.

The Scotsman's whistle gives me cause to think about each day filled with so much to experience and enjoy. It is at the end of every day that we can look back and ask if we have taken every moment and savored it. I ask myself if I have used my Scotsman's whistle for every experience. So many times I have not, but I must admit that when I do my pleasure is complete.

It is my understanding that God wants us to live life abundantly and to me, being Scottish, that means He wants to hear a Scotsman's whistle at the end of each life experience. In that context a Scottish whistle is a praise to God!

Praise to You Father God! You are fun, mysterious, and abundant in life! Thank You for giving us so much to enjoy. I want to enjoy life in abundance, but so often I forget to get that last little sip out of life and thus forget that you would want to hear my Scotsman's whistle. Forgive me, and help me remember to breathe in every moment with gusto and praise to YOU!
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