Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Time For....

Everything has an appointed time in our lives. Lately I have been silent here in my blog as I've spent my words in other places. I want to revive my voice on this page, and so, I begin with whispers.

Silence, at first glance, seems simple, however, It is interestingly complicated and surprisingly noisy.

Being quiet is complicated because we cannot shut out the world. Our decision to stop our voice can be met with many unforeseen obstacles. Communication is a tool needed to connect with the world around us. Finding ways to communicate without using our preferred methods of using words, is an adventure. Opinions from people in our lives as well as our own inner desires convolute the terrain of silence.

Silence will surprise most of us with the noise it awakens! Inner voices, ourselves and God's, become louder and more insistent as we give our voices a much needed rest. Listening to God, the world, and our own minds and hearts reveals interesting truths.

One of the most interesting revelations I discovered in my blogged silence is who is listening to me. It is humbling to know that my words may or may not be all I thought them to be. I am also made aware of the wisdom of others when I quiet my own words.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I do not write so that I can do all the talking. I write for conversation. For this reason a time of silence is golden! I listen, learn and enjoy the voices of others. I long to hear more than the days events in others lives. I want to hear thoughts, ideas, emotions and wisdom learned. I am listening for your voice!

I am back, but I may have times of silence now and then. I will be listening for you.

Word of God, thank You for communicating Your heart and thoughts to me! You have communicated to Your people and I believe You want us to share with one another. Please forgive us when we fail to listen to You and each other! Teach us to listen before we speak. Teach us to lift up our voices for what is good, true and pure. In our times of vast communication may we not be a part of the city of Babel, but the voice crying in the wilderness to make way for Your coming! Thank You for the silence. Thank You for words to share. Thank You.
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