Monday, January 26, 2015

God is My Father

God is my Father!

Last week I let Abi use my camera to take some pictures. It is a simple camera, and she enjoys the activity. In other words, it keeps her busy while I get some chore done. When I was finished with my chore, I asked her where the camera was. She said on the work desk, but it was not there. I asked again, and she couldn't remember where she put it. The hunt was on. We looked and looked but never found it. Her dad picked her up later that day, and I continued to look and ponder where she might have had it.

When Patrick came home I asked him to look in the computer room to see if he would see it where I was overlooking it. He could not find it.

The next morning I told Abi that we had to find it and that we were going on a hunt so I could have my camera back. She began to tell stories about what she did with it and where it could be. Of course, they were all stories told in great detail and with much expression. I finally told her I did not want any stories, just my camera. I told her she was the last one to have it in her hands so I needed her help to find it. She insisted it was hidden in a safe place in my computer room. Did she remember and just teased me that she didn't know where it was? I didn't know. It was so frustrating!

I finally gave up, telling God that He would have to tell me and direct me to where she had hidden it. I went back to my normal routine. Soon I heard God suggest that I should get down on her level and look around. So, I did. I looked under the desk, and work desk where she often plays and looked around at shelves. I saw from a different perspective but no camera, even when I moved the chair to get under the desk.

About an hour later Abi came it and asked again about the camera. She emphatically told me that she could not find it even though she was trying. I got up from my chair, as we talked and soon Abi was excited, shouting "Grommers, your camera! Your camera!" There it was hanging under the chair on the adjustment lever! I was sitting on top of it all along.

God must have been chuckling like a teasing parent watching me go right past it in my search under the desk.I did not see it even though it was only about 6 inches away! Hahaha!

God was directing me in the general direction but wanted me to look carefully to find my answer. Maybe He does that in big things too. He may lead me to a person who could be a friend, but I have to look carefully to really see the possibility of friendship in someone close by. He may lead me to a church, group, or job but He wants me to keep my eyes open for the good gifts he has for me there. They may be found in the most unlikely place.

Whatever we are looking for, God knows what we need and where to find it. He is the Father we can always talk to about everything.

Father God, You are great and mighty! You make me smile, and I know I sometimes make You laugh. You know all things, and I know very little. I am so foolish to think I can fix my own problems. I Should run to You for wisdom, but so often I think I am wise. Please forgive me. Thank You for always hearing my cry for help. Thank You for the answers You provide, even when You ask me to do more. Thank You for letting me be Your daughter. Father, teach me to be child-like in my faith. Help me to see the gifts that You give when I become like a little child and trust You as my Father. I know You love me with all of Your heart because You gave Jesus to reconcile me to You. Thank You!
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