Friday, August 12, 2016

God's Choice

Some may say that I have a lot of experience in voting. Well, I have voted every time a ballot was set before me so that may qualify me, but even with years of experience, I am still baffled about who I should place my vote in this upcoming election. This blog is not really about the election, nor am I endorsing any candidate. This blog is only about my thoughts as I determine who I should choose.

I am proud to be an American! I take seriously the responsibility of citizenship. My right to vote is not something I take lightly. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I believe I must be the best citizen possible and remain true to the values I hold dear. This campaign season has put these convictions to the test for me.

In my opinion, it is not wise to listen to news commentators because they often get the story wrong or leave out important parts. I also do not take much stock in the advertisements and junk mail that bombards me with only what the individual wants me to hear. I do take into account the actual words of the candidate IF it is not a "sound bite" because things are often taken out of context. So how can I decide the best man or woman to lead our country and place his or her mark on our lives for generations to come?

I have been relying on prayer more than ever. I listen to God's voice and sometimes He surprises me with His wisdom.

A few weeks ago I was in prayer about the candidates and names from bible stories kept coming to me. Peter was an outspoken , bombastic, foot-in-the-mouth kind of guy. He said so many things wrong, but Jesus considered him a strong leader even changing his name to reflect that. Moses ran away when trouble appeared for him in Egypt and when God called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt he tried to tell God he wasn't able to make speeches. David was an adulterer and murderer and yet, God said he was a man after his own heart. The only thing Esther had going for her was her beauty and her love of God's people, so God used her at a special time of their history. Paul imprisoned and killed Christians because of his religious fervor and then he was entrusted to take the Gospel to the world. I could go on and on with names of imperfect, in fact, downright sinners who God used to lead and direct His people. The common thread with all these sinners was that they believed in God.

The lesson I came away from my prayer time that day was: Would I obey God in voting for His choice, not my own? I also had to ask myself if I would vote out of obedience to God even if both choices were not, in my opinion, worthy of the office? I also had to not look at the faults of the person. I also was impressed not to look at only the present, but to seek the person who professes a faith in the God of the bible, even though imperfect, that would make decisions that will allow the kingdom of God to grow.

I am still seeking, listening and praying.

Sovereign God, my Father, I know that You hold all government in Your hands. I confess that I have sometimes looked to a man to fix our country's problems instead of You. Forgive me. Thank You for showing me a greater purpose for my participation in this election. Thank You for using anyone who is willing to follow You. Move Your people to obey Your voice as we seek a leader for our beloved U.S.A.
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