Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christian Votes

I have been pondering the atmosphere among Christians over this election. Every believer I know has said they have prayed and sought God for who to cast their vote toward. This is very good. I am only slightly confused by the fact that we, as a body, are not all voting for the same things.

Why would God lead some to vote for (or against) one candidate and others to vote for (or against) the other? In my thinking, it seemed that my sisters and brothers in Christ were either not hearing from God, or that He was doing a mysterious mix-up letting us all know that we are not in charge. This intrigued me and so I asked God to enlighten me.

God's response to my inquiry was not a new one to me. He simply said He was more concerned with His relationship with His followers. Do we trust Him? Will we obey even if it seems so wrong? So, it seems to me that if we really are seeking God, trusting Him, and wanting to obey whatever He says, it is possible for it to be very different for each of us.

I believe God is getting His church ready for the days ahead when we must trust and obey without question. He knows our individual hearts. He knows how to test our commitment to follow Him, not our own understanding of Him. If we truly desire to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, lean not on our own understanding, acknowledge Him in all we do and let Him direct our paths, then we may mysteriously be called to do something we consider as going against our beliefs. (see Proverbs 3:5) Our faith must grow stronger. Our faith must stand on the solid rock, the one who created the earth and all that is in it.

The church has shown the world some ungodly things this election season as we accused and belittled our brothers and sisters for acting differently than what we think they should. God is more concerned about our relationship with Him and believing Him over all the voices in the world. It is up to us as individuals to check ourselves. We must sort out our own choices over our obedience to God. It is not for me to tell others what God has said to them.

Sovereign God, You are King over all. It is to You I submit. I trust You because You love perfectly. You keep all of your promises.I agree that it would be very difficult for me to vote for someone I believe is so far from You, but like Abraham who was called to sacrifice Issac, I want to obey in faith. I choose to believe that You will raise up the person we need at this time. I go to the polls today submitting my will to You. Help my faith to grow strong. Help me to be a light that shines for You and You alone. Help us all as Your church to bring love to the world. Let the world know we are Christians by our love! Amen

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