Monday, May 31, 2010

Greater Love

Service. Sacrifice. Laying down your life for a friend is a greater love. Today we remember those who have given so much, loved so much. Memorial Day 2010 will be filled with fun outings for families and good food and fellowship with friends. It is all made possible by those brave souls who protect us from enemies who would take it away.

Memorial Day is set aside to honor the soldiers killed in battle , but if we are truthful with ourselves we must admit that anyone who has walked in a uniform of the military has made sacrifices. They have given so much for all of us. A soldier may have a job far behind the front lines, but they work as a unit to fulfill the duty of maintaining our freedoms. We honor those who have fallen. It is right to do so. It is also right to thank the soldier who has lost a part of themselves when their buddy has died. Thank you!

Today, I remember family and friends who have served with patriotic hearts. They fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Most came back with only the frightening memories of horrors from which they protect us even now. Lance Corporal Leslie Wayne Williams did not come home. He died in Vietnam, far from the comforting voices and touches of those who loved him. He was only 20 years old. He fought hard to come home, but his injuries finally overcame his bravery. I will always remember him. I will always have a love for him.

Father God, You are Love. You weep over the loss of life. You desire that life is lived in peace. We fail to live as You desire because of our pride and arrogance. We thank You for the courage and love placed in the hearts of those who would protect innocence from evil. We want to live our lives as a living sacrifice, giving all we can in love for others. Pour your love and courage into us!
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