Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seeing June

June is a precious jewel. That is how I see it when I ponder the month of June. I guess I am an odd duck "Seeing" months or the days of the week in symbols and colors. But it helps me to celebrate the times that God has given me to enjoy.

My computer reflects the changing months. I change the desktop picture and the colors each month according to how I see them in my mind. June is like a palm sized pearl waiting for me to caress in my two hands. It has a luminescence and beauty that draws me close. It does not hold my birthday, nor anniversary. My oldest daughter celebrates her birthday during the month of June and of course Father's Day is in June. These celebrations don't make June a precious jewel. June simply is.

I am glad June is here. I want to delight in its days, their beauty, their hopes, their unique place in my life.

Ancient of Days, You set the moon, sun, and stars in place to help us mark the days of our lives. You are with us in each day. You are the One who gives us each day and all that it holds! I don't always cherish my days, Lord. I am sorry when I run through each chore just to get the day over. Your gift should never be wasted as I waste it sometimes. Forgive me, Lord! Thank You for the gift of days and nights. Thank You for the gift of the abundance that flows within each one! Teach me to open my eyes to see the wonder of each day. Teach me to listen for Your voice in those special minutes!
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