Monday, June 21, 2010


Fathers' Day was a day of memories. We made memories with the family, especially the long awaited reunion of my Son-in-law to his family. Johns' sermon brought memories from long ago. Both are precious treasures hidden away in our minds and hearts.

Smiles, grins, giggles and screams of excitement filled the house! Daddy was home to stay for my Granddaughters! They never thought the day would come, but it did. It came with the power of God who protected and provided! Joy flooded our hearts and filled the house with happy noise! Memories of faces and voices delighted with the day will be treasured.

Strong healing memories of my Daddy flooded my mind during Pastor Johns' sermon. I will never forget my Dads' call to me after an argument that sent me down the road, determined never to come back. "Carolynn, Come home!" he called. It is what I needed and wanted to hear. A tender memory of love, forgiveness and reunion.

Memories. We never want to lose them! We hold on to them long after the day is gone. They are worth more than all the gold in the world.

Father, You are the best of Dads! You are perfect in dealing with Your children. I don't tell You enough how much I love You for making me Your child. Thank You for watching over my memories. Thank You for the gift of memory! Comfort those who have lost that gift and restore to them the joy of knowing the good You have brought into their lives! Teach me to treasure the gift always.
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