Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The waters are being stirred! God is moving in a mighty way. If we have eyes let us see if we have ears let us hear! If we have a voice let us shout His name throughout the earth!

This year has been full of the movement of God around me. I am delighted to be involved in what He is doing. Sunday there was no doubt He made a special visit to our church body! Our Pastor challenged those who had not made a public confession for Christ in Baptism to come forward. They came! 43 from 2 services entered the waters of baptism with the clothes in which they came to church. Young and old came and the waters were stirred! Those 43 were not the only ones moved. There were tears that flowed and hearts that were touched. I believe there were hearts changed and people who believed for the first time!

The stirring has not stopped! Patrick and I asked for a miracle healing for his knee in the midst of the stirring. We seek wisdom from God not just the medical community. God is uniting our family after a long wait. He is bringing home the prodigal and setting right the order of the family! We have prayed for revival and we want it first in our hearts and our family!

There are many signs that Jesus may soon come again to take His church as His bride. Even if this is not the time prophesied I believe we are being readied for when it does come. We are falling in love again with our first love! We are being cleansed and renewed. We are being readied for our Bridegroom!

The waters are stirring........What do you desire from God? He is here. He is enough. He is waiting! Come!

God of wonders, You are Faithful, True, Glorious, Real! You are Hope. I cannot stand in Your presence! My knee must bow before You! I am only worthy because of Your Son And His shed blood to enter into Your Throne room! Thank You for letting me see, letting me hear, letting me stand beside You in the work You are doing! show me what You would have me do! I will follow You. I will do it!
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