Friday, June 18, 2010

Living Abundantly

We are a busy people. When asked how we are doing, we so often reply that we are busy and much is happening in our lives. It is true! We are busy.

I awoke this morning making my mental list of things to do and planning for everything we want to do this summer. The list is long! Even this blog is on my list. Listening to God as I went through my list, I heard Him say that my life is full. I had to agree. My cup overflows!

I admit I sometimes would like less overflowing from my cup, but when I think of it, I certainly look at each activity as a gift. I am living life fully! I live life in relationship with Jesus, family and friends. I live a life of abundance that demands stewardship. I live a life of communication that compels me to share.

Are you busy? Maybe we all need to change our "Busy" response to the "How are you?" question, and make it "Full!" We are blessed and God is giving us abundant life. Let us make the most of every day, especially in building our relationship with God and others!

God, my Father, You are More than I could ever dream! You are the Fullness of everything good! I am not proud of the way I sometimes push away Your abundance in my life. I know that relationship is important to You and I do not always make time for those dear people You have given me. Thank You for my family and friends. Show me how to treasure them in my heart and make time for them in my full life! You are so Good!
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