Friday, June 11, 2010


I love to watch the shows that fix up old houses and messed up places. It amazes me to watch the transformation from complete chaos to a masterpiece!

It takes a lot of hard work too! I never see someone doing the work all alone. They work in groups or at the very least have support from others. The same is true for life repairs and fix ups. We need people who will stand by us and lend a hand when necessary. It really can't be a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

Breaking a bad habit or starting a good one requires some accountability to motivate and keep us on track. A good friend is someone who sticks with you even when you resist or fall short. They want what is best for you and best is not quitting!

Jesus did so much more than just being a friend while we were still in sin. He did the work Himself! He took our sin away and left a new creation in its place! He is the ultimate fixer upper!

Jesus, You are an Amazing Creator! You are the Builder of good things! You are my Fixer Upper! You are my friend as I try to be good! I know that I can never do it myself. I need You, Lord! I need other people to stand beside me. Thank You for always being there for me. Thank You for the gift of friendship. Show me the truth about what needs to be fixed in my life.
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