Friday, June 4, 2010


"Reach out and touch someone" was a popular advertisement for the phone company awhile back. It was meant to get us connected with others by way of the telephone. with the advent of the internet we now have email, Facebook, My Space, and Twitter among other vehicles that want us to "Connect" with one another. But is there a real connection?

I admit that there are moments when I think I've made a connection with someone. Most often it is when they send the message that yes, they want to be my friend, or when I find someone i have not spoken to in ages. Unfortunately a dialog of surface communication falls short of connecting. We "like" what someone has said, or we make a comment about their post and sometimes we have a "Thread" of a conversation that spans a small amount of space. Though it may cover a few hours it is only a few minutes in real time. Even now with my blog I wonder where the other side of the conversation lives. Are my readers smiling, laughing, crying, wondering? With our face to screen conversations or our quick witted comments are we really connecting to one another?

Yes, there are times we connect, but they are rare. So why do we spend so much time trying to connect through cyberspace when face to face and hand in hand has been proven to be the best way to connect with others?

I asked my Granddaughter to put away her game and connect with her sister and myself as we drove to their swimming class yesterday. She complied with turning off the game, but then there was silence. I waited, but no conversation started so I began by asking a question. A lively conversation ensued. Listening to answers and asking more questions is a valuable tool to connect people. It is difficult to listen without voice inflections, tone and body language. It is hard to ask a question if you seldom get an answer other than "Like."

I hope that I can find a way to really connect with people even through wire or wireless connections. I want to be better at trying to connect! I still prefer face to face.

Father, you desire for us to seek Your face. I admit that I sometimes use the quick and easy way, pretending I have made that daily connection with You, only to realize that I am left hungry for something more. I need the connection with You above all else! I need true connections with others. Thank You for making a way possible for me to connect with You. Thank You for giving us the gift of conversation! Teach me to treasure each moment with You and with others. Our stories are entwined. We grow best when our connections to You and one another are deep and meaningful! Help us grow strong roots in one another!
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