Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am blessed with good friends. Friends who really care tell you what they think and will give you their "honest selves." Fred Rogers of Neighborhood fame said that "The best thing you can give others is your honest self." I agree, and I do try my best to let you see the real me.

After reading my last blog entry, a good friend confronted me about my confession to being prideful. She was adamant that she saw no pride in me at all. She provided proof through scripture and through her experience with me. It was humbling to listen to her espouse what she saw as my virtues. After thinking it over, I had a few thoughts of my own: 1. If truth is absolute, we both cannot be right in the assessment of the pride issue of my heart. 2. If I am to give others my honest self, I must also be honest with myself. I must look to God for the truth in my heart. I must accept the true condition of my heart as revealed by God. I must tell myself the truth before I can tell the truth to others.

I must admit that my friend may see only part of my inner life. I do struggle with being puffed up with pride, believing myself to be better than others at times. I don't want to be that way, and so I keep watch over my heart in that matter. When those thoughts come, I do battle and I must say most often I am victorious.

My blog yesterday was a glimpse into my thoughts. It was meant to be more about Jesus' sacrifice of His reputation as God in the flesh for me who failed Him in my sin. So, Yes, I battle pride, the puffed up image of myself as better than others. Yes, I have not lived pridefully towards others. Yes, I gave you my honest self.

Whatever good you might see in me, it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Whatever truth is to be known must come from the God who knows all and discerns the truth in each heart.

God of all knowledge, You see all of who I am! You have knitted me together and You know my strengths and weaknesses. You lead me with love, patience and truth. Thank You for keeping me honest before my dear friends. Teach me to open my heart to You first and to the world with Your direction. I rely on You alone!
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