Thursday, June 17, 2010


What are you celebrating today? It may not be a holiday, birthday, anniversary or other special day, but there is always something to celebrate, especially if you are part of God's forever family!

Today I am celebrating the birthday of my oldest child. Seems funny to call her a child, but as I think of the day she was born, she is my baby! She is a beautiful woman. Erin has proven herself to be faithful, strong and a woman who gives of her time and resources to make this world a better place, full of smiles! She has learned to rely on God in all things. Though there were times she struggled to trust God, her faith in His goodness helped her to believe she could trust.

Waiting on the Lord was not easy, yet Erin is receiving what she has long awaited and is giving God the glory for getting her through those long dark and stormy nights when waiting seemed like an eternity. I am so happy for her!I want this birthday to be one she will never forget because of the overwhelming blessings that are falling on her!

Even if Erin never received these long awaited blessings we could still celebrate. Salvation is a daily celebration for the Lord is to be praised, glorified, magnified and made famous for all He has done to give us eternal life.

So, how about YOU? Can you celebrate God's salvation today? If you have it, find a way to celebrate it! If you do not own His salvation just ask. He wants you to have it for free!

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Glory be to You Lord Most High! You are our Saving Lord and our Strong Refuge in times of trouble! You are our Hope and Blessing! You are our truth! Life is so often difficult, Lord, and we Your people don't often feel like celebrating! Forgive us for not believing in your goodness that can be celebrated in every day!Thank You for proving to us over and over that You are worthy!
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