Friday, June 25, 2010

Loving to Learn

I have lived many years. My Granddaughters think I am old! In all my years I have been delighted to learn new things, ponder new ideas and, though change is not easy for me, I will change if I find it to be a good thing.

I am learning new things now that my life is turning in a different direction. Relationships will be different. Surroundings will not be the same. My work will change. I am preparing myself for these changes, but I know that some of the learning will take place as I walk in the new places that God is ordaining for my life.

God will be my teacher. He will lead me by His Spirit. I will know the way is good because of Him!

Learning is fun! Learning is part of living! Learning is a great inheritance! I learned to love learning through my Mom and Dad who taught by example! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love to learn!

Rabbi Jesus, You are the greatest of Teachers! You are the Source of all answers. You wisely gave us a world of wonder and awe to explore! I can never know all that You know, but more than anything I want to know YOU! Thank You for giving me curiosity and questions! I want to learn about You and the world You have given me to explore! Lead me! Teach me!
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